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Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Whether you want to give a card to your crush, your best friend, or a family member, this holiday is all about spreading the love (romantic and platonic). So why not give your someone special cute handmade card?

Option 1: Cardboard hearts (pics 1-3)

You need: cardstock or construction paper, a few different kinds of ribbon, scissors, glue, and a pencil.


Fold your paper in half.

Draw a heart on one side in pencil.

Cut out strips of ribbon in different lengths.

Arrange the ribbon inside the heart. Glue them down when you’re happy with the arrangement.

Erase the pencil marks at the end.

You can try this with twine or rhinestones too!

Option 2: Valentine’s Fortune “Cookies”

You need: pretty paper with the designs on both sides, a scissor, adhesive or a brad, and a pen.


Cut out a circle of paper.

Fold the paper in half, then pinch the corners together.

Fasten with adhesive or a brad in the middle.

With a second strip of paper, write a Valentine’s-themed fortune on it, then tuck it inside.

Option 3: Criss-Cross Hearts

You need: white construction paper, red and pink paper or ribbon, tape, and scissors


Fold the piece of white paper in half, then cut a heart shape out of the middle.

With a pink piece of paper, cut the strips almost all the way to the end. Leave a little bit so they’re still attached.

Completely cut out more strips of pink and red with separate sheets of paper.

Weave the red strips through the pink cut piece of paper. Add in the other pink ones too.

Glue the woven section onto the white cardstock.

Option 4: Cupcake liner ribbons

You need: cupcake liners, double-sided tape, ribbon, cardstock or construction paper, and scissors.


Layer the cupcake liners in a pattern you like (if you have zig-zag scissors, you can trim the edges for a cute look).

Cut out a heart from the cardstock. Adding glitter is optional!

Cut two short pieces of ribbon.

Glue everything down onto a piece of cardstock – first the short ribbons, then the cupcake liners, then the heart.

Source : weheartit


I put some valentine cards together for you guys


Just to get you in the Valentines Day feel~